Volunteer Onboard

Balmoral is the last sea going motor ship capable of sailing around the UK, visiting its many and varied harbours, piers and ports. Keeping alive a 200 year old heritage of coastal day excursions. She is without doubt a “National Treasure” as her membership of the UK National Historic Fleet signifies

The Balmoral is owned by a registered charity, which relies wholly on volunteers to operate, with the objective of fund raising, educating, supporting and promoting Balmoral to keep her cruising for the enjoyment of all. Volunteers, many of whom are also Members – are involved in maintenance of the ship and hosting and assisting with Harbourside Events on and around the ship at her berth in Bristol, and running the Balmoral Shop. Meanwhile, when the ship is sailing we need volunteers to distribute literature and welcome passengers to the Piers and Harbours we serve.

Whether you would simply like to be associated with this exciting project or, in addition, to volunteer to help us run, maintain and publicise Balmoral, we would be delighted to welcome you as a member of the Fund. There is such a wide variety of roles for you to assist – all vital for Balmoral’s success.

For example: It’s possible to help simply by joining our Mailing List and becoming a subscriber to our newsletter. If you’re remote, consider becoming a Balmoral content writer, or share a social media post on Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin or Facebook. Equally, you could attend an event held in aid of Balmoral, or distribute marketing material that could be specially designed, and allocated to your local area for you.