Balmoral and the Bristol Channel

Balmoral and the Bristol Channel


This book tells the story of the latter years of P&A Campbell Ltd, operators of the well known excursion vessel Balmoral and other similar ships.

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Hardback book written by Mike Tedstone.


P. & A. Campbell Ltd of Bristol, registered as a Limited Company in 1893, was destined to not quite make its century as the operator of the celebrated White Funnel Fleet of passenger steamers. As the postwar fleet waned in the 1950s profits dwindled and receivership beckoned. Remarkably, a new company structure was fashioned out of the old, in association with Townsend Ferries.

In the 1960s P. & A. Campbell Ltd pioneered passenger-carrying hovercraft operations and branched out into cross-channel coach excursions, in partnership with the Free Enterprise ferries. A heritage quartet of motor-vessels went on to keep the P. & A. Campbell Ltd flag flying in the Bristol Channel into the 1970s, and the white funnel appeared in the Irish Sea as well as the south-east of England.

Balmoral sustained the passenger link between north Devon and the island of Lundy throughout this time, after many other coastal excursion services around Britain had ended.


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