Balmoral was launched in 1949 in Southampton as Flagship of the Red Funnel Fleet. She was used on the Southampton to Cowes service and on coastal excursions.

In 1969 she transferred to the Bristol Channel where she became Flagship of the famous P&A Campbell White Funnel Fleet. Her days under Campbell’s came to an end in 1980 when she was sold and had an unsuccessful period as a floating pub in Dundee.

In 1985 Balmoral was bought by the Waverley Organisation and after major renovation triumphantly re-entered service in 1986 – consort to PS Waverley. In 2003 further major work was carried out with support from the Heritage Lottery Fund, which included new engines.

Sadly at the end of the 2012 sailing season Balmoral was withdrawn from service by the Waverley Steam Navigation Co. and laid up in Bristol. Her future appeared uncertain until a small group of supporters and lovers of the ship got together with one ambition.

Saving the Balmoral and returning her to service.

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