Leaving a Legacy

As the last of her type the Balmoral is listed in the Register of National Historic Ships and accorded the special status of being a member of the National Historic Fleet. In leaving a legacy in favour of Balmoral, you will pay an important part in helping her to continue and so give future generations the opportunity to savour the unique experience she offers.

The sea is a harsh environment and all ships require substantial sums to be spent on maintenance. As an historic ship Balmoral is certainly no exception. If her long-term future is to be safeguarded, we need to be able to fund a continuous and substantial programme of repairs and renewals to keep her in sound condition. Legacies can play an important part.

Most of us, sometime in our lives, reach a point where we wish to decide how our Estate (i.e. money, property and possessions) is to be dealt with after our death. After family and friends have been considered, many of us make a bequest to one or more charities.

Even if we have already made a Will, it is vitally important that it is kept up to date to reflect changes in the law and in our own circumstances. Accordingly, may we please make a passionate plea to you, whether as a member, volunteer, supporter or one of the many thousands who enjoy sailing on Balmoral, to remember her when you draft or review your Will?

MV Balmoral Fund Limited, which owns Balmoral, is the charitable body which you should name as the beneficiary to receive any legacies. Being a registered charity means that the amount of any such bequests is exempt from Inheritance Tax in the United Kingdom. This could be a way of reducing the tax to be paid on your estate.