Film, Television & Photography

The Balmoral offers a variety of locations and opportunites, ranging from unaltered 1940’s character and machinary, to providing backdrop and platforms for filming. Each of the ships unique locations can be used for filming, television, photo shoots and external hire; and are full of period detail from the 1940’s – Present.

Adapt the vessels cosmetics as required, then ensure you get the perfect backdrop by sailing to one of your chosen locations – whether it be pier, harbour, port or at sea. The ship is versatile enough to provide for an easy filming environment. Whilst on board, the ship can provide covered accommodation for cast, crew and models – including full electrical power, full cabins, changing areas, showers and washrooms. 

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    • Qualified operators certified internationally by UK Government
    • Experienced in catering for all kinds of special events & passengers
    • Full health and safety compliance
    • Insurance requirements completely dealt with
      • Archivist or conservation staff for period marine detail
      • Fully operational Bridge – with traditional Ships Wheel
      • Fully trained flexibly staff
      • All proceeds are charitable

Action Scenes

We are also able to offer the following shots & assets

    • Leaving port
    • Blowing the horn
    • Dropping anchor
    • Gangway scenes
    • Period public rooms
    • Traditional Saloons
    • Flying flags
    • Funnel smoke
    • Ringing the Ships Bell
    • Traditional timber decks
    • Throwing Ropes
    • Hauling in
    • Wash from the Propeller
    • Launching of lifeboat
    • Waves crashing on the bow
    • Open working machinery
    • Wooden deck furniture
    • Authentic dressing of staff

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