Safety Information

For your comfort and safety, we would please ask you to note the following:

  • Please remember that on departure you will be aboard a seagoing vessel. The Master of the vessel has wide powers and responsibilities regarding the safety of passengers, crew, the vessel, other vessels, ports of call and their infrastructure and the environment. The Master is therefore entitled to change the intended schedule – this entitlement is separate to any changes the Company may wish to make to the operation. Such marine related hazards and circumstances are very exceptional and cannot be foreseen by the Company, even after taking all precautions. In all such circumstances the Master’s decision is final.
  • Given the particular characteristics of the vessel, the service on board and the fact that you will be on a seagoing vessel, you should at all times consider the comfort and safety of other passengers, the crew, the vessel, other vessels, ports of call and their infrastructure and the environment. To this end the Master has wide powers to refuse to accept and / or carry passengers and their luggage and to require passengers to conduct themselves appropriately. All passengers must comply with the orders of the Master and those acting under the Master’s authority. In the event of a Master’s refusal to accept or carry a passenger, passengers and their luggage, or a Master’s decision to disembark a passenger, passengers and their luggage, that decision will be regarded as a cancellation by the passenger(s). The Master’s decision in any of the above regards is final.
  • Please listen to the loudspeaker announcements made throughout the voyage and take note of the posters giving safety information that are on display throughout the ship.
  • Please proceed with care when moving around the ship, mind the step when going through doorways and hold onto the handrail whilst going up or downstairs. Decks may be wet due to spray or effects of the weather, and sea conditions may make the ship roll or pitch.
  • Please supervise children, remembering the comfort of other passengers. Do not allow them to run around the decks, climb on seats or the guardrails at the side of the ship.
  • Alcohol, drugs or any banned substances may not be brought on board and we reserve the right to search bags at the gangway and remove such items. Alcohol may be purchased on board but should only be consumed in moderation. The ship’s captain has powers to refuse to embark passengers he judges to be intoxicated or to remove them from the ship.
  • Dogs, except for Guide Dogs, cannot be carried on Balmoral
  • Please do not throw rubbish of any kind overboard.
  • Smoking (including the use of e-cigarettes) is only permitted outside on the Promenade Deck in the designated area astern [to the rear] of the rescue boats. This is a Maritime & Coastguard Agency requirement.

Tips & Useful Advise

  • When you book please provide a contact phone number (preferably a mobile) so that we can text or phone you in the event of any changes to your sailing on Balmoral.
  • Make sure you are fully familiar with the departure point of the ship as some towns have several piers. If in doubt visit the departure point information page, check with your local Tourist Information centre, or call 0117 325 6100.
  • Please be at the departure point at least 10 minutes before sailing time on the outward and return journeys. Allow plenty of time to park your car.
  • If you are travelling on a sailing to or from the Isle of Man or from Liverpool please arrive at the departure point at least 30 minutes before sailing to allow time for Passenger Registration to be carried out.
  • Whilst photo ID is not required to travel on Balmoral, it is recommended that it is carried in case of need.
  • Balmoral often operates from piers with little shelter and has plenty of open deck space so even in summer it may get chilly. Bringing a sweater, a water-proof jacket and practical footwear is advisable. Sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat are also suggested.
  • Buying tickets in advance is recommended – through our website, by phone or from local sales points. If space is still available tickets may also be purchased on board from the Purser’s office using cash, debit or credit cards. Cheques and AMEX cards cannot be accepted.
  • Boarding priority will usually be given to ticket holders, so please have your tickets ready when joining the ship. If these are not collected when you board, they will be collected when you disembark, so do keep them safe.
  • Please listen for announcements over the Public Address system. Information about your sailing, safety and on-board services will be given during your excursion.
  • There are enough seats on board for everyone – but please be willing to remove coats and bags from seats needed by other passengers.
  • On board there is a Dining Saloon, Bar and Shop. These all operate on a cash basis. Only food purchased on board can be consumed in the Dining Saloon and only alcohol purchased on board may be consumed. Drinks are only served to passengers of legal drinking age and the Company reserve the right to stop serving alcohol to any passenger who is, or appears to be, drunk.
  • Should you have any questions whilst on board then don’t hesitate to ask a member of crew who will be happy to help.
  • We look forward to welcoming you on board Balmoral.